Do you have a GREAT PARTNER?

There is one very important fact about success I’ve learned over the years – you have a better chance at it, with a GREAT PARTNER!
It takes great partnerships in both the personal and professional areas of life to maximize chances of success. 
When a true partnership is firing on all cylinders I believe it looks like this:
– A great partner is your biggest supporter and severest critic. Their opinion comes from truth and caring.
– A great partner puts consistent effort in the partnership and knows the definition of persevere.
– A great partner doesn’t just make the other partner(s) look better, a great partner makes the other partner(s) BE better.
– A great partner communicates in a straight forward fashion, speaking up about problems and staying away from passive aggressive behavior.
– A great partner understands there is no progress without change and doesn’t fear it nor fight it.
– A great partner knows that great minds don’t always think alike and therefore they are open to new ideas and those ideas are respected, heard and considered. They know the difference between an argument and an intellectual debate.
– A great partner takes responsibility for themselves and knows that ultimately they are responsible for their own happiness. They have accountability without excuses.
– A great partner knows that time alone is valuable, having interests outside the partnership. They respect scheduling and planning.
– A great partner is reasonable and has realistic expectations. They understand dreaming is important, but only if based on reasonable means.
– A great partner is self aware and takes a close look at what they project to others.
– A great partner has positive expectations, expecting the partnership to be a good one, not dwelling on the negative.
– A great partner is generous with their time, showing empathy and working as a team. They understand the strength in numbers and they are ready to offer support.
– A great partner is dependable and always there for you in a crisis.
– A great partner is honest and trust worthy.
– A great partner has the ability to say I am sorry. They have accountability without excuses.
– A great partner values the partnership, protecting it and bringing their best, consistently. They have loyalty and don’t spread their efforts and focus too thin. They don’t reach beyond their capabilities. They treat the partnership with priority.
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