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Promotions and marketing is crucial for any upcoming business or artist. If you need any promotions or website and graphic work, feel free to contact us at Capacity Productions Inc. by clicking on any of the banners or links mentioning Capacity Productions. We look forward to talking and brainstorming with you. Having a great team to back you up, can make all the difference in results! Rest assured, we’re here for you 24/7, 365 days a year!

capacity productions promotions and marketing
capacity productions promotions and marketing division.

Here is some information from the Capacity Productions Inc. website:

We promote hard throughout all our websites, Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, Reverbnation, IMDB, pages and online street teams. As a result of our business marketing, our clients receive 1000’s of incoming Friends, fans, plays, likes, followers, views, customers and more! We don’t need your password and there are no programs involved or anything like that. It’s real simple: We promote you hard resulting in real people checking you out! All clients are forwarded to our Free Tips For More Exposure page after payment, so we definitely hook it up!

We are the best marketing and promotions company!

Capacity Productions was founded by musicians and industry professionals with well over a decade of marketing and promotion experience. We work with a lot of clients on Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, Myspace, YouTube, Reverbnation, Ourstage, Purevolume, Soundcloud, IndieCharts, Last.FM, iSound, IMDB, Vimeo and all other areas of the internet and social networking sites. We have helped quite a few work their way into the top ten of their genre & field of business by bringing more incoming friends, fans, likes, followers, traffic, plays and views to their profiles. If you have ever wondered how some people, artists and businesses get all of those incoming fans, followers, likes, friends, plays and views, now you know! although we were founded for musicians, we also work with many models, magicians, authors and businesses of all kinds, including clubs, retail stores, restaurants, etc. to increase exposure, promotions, marketing, traffic and sales.

We get results like no other!

Myspace promotion, Facebook promotion, Twitter promotion, iTunes promotion, Reverbnation promotion, Youtube promotion, IMDB promotion, Vimeo promotion, marketing, SEO, research, consultation, Record labels, Radio stations and more!

Give us a try and I know you’ll love the results we can get you!

Also, feel free to check out the testimonials. They tried it, they loved it and then they took advantage of the savings by following up with a longer term plan. =)

Check it all out and if you still have some questions don’t hesitate to contact us Day or Night, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year!

Skype – CapacityProductions
Sales “@”
Phone – 1-213-278-8103

Take care, Talk soon,
-let’s get to work!
Rob M., JJ, CP, Valerie and the rest of the Team here at Capacity Productions!

Aside from promotions, we also produce content for Film and TV. For our film and tv division, please check out CapacityProductions.Com

capacity productions film and tv production
capacity productions film and tv production division.

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